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Caution, all tours than we suggest you are touchy to be changed, about roads, hotels or restaurants (if their qualities become degraded).

You will pay the tours, at the take-off, only by cash ( Euros or US $ ).

A visa is required to enter into all these countries. This can easily be obtained at the different embassies or the consulates.
A vaccination card indicating vaccination against yellow fever (amarile, valid for 10 years) is also necessary.

WHEN TO GO ON ? The climate is not really an obstacle for tourism in West Africa which experiences a warn and dry climate almost throughout the year , interrupted with a wet season between July and August. The year is divided into three seasons, a dry season but rather fresh (minimum temperate 20°C!) from October to February, another dry season, this time warmer (45°C maximum) from March to May, and a wet season, and temperate from June to September with maximum rains in the month of August. The best period to visit is therefore between November and March, but except the month of August, you can visit Burkina Faso throughout the year. .


Average temperatures and raining days in Burkina
  Jan. Féb. March Apr. May June Jull. Aug Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Temp.°C 27 28 35 40 37 28 28 25 27 30 28 25
Season DRY WARM 1 or 2 rains per week 3 to 5 rains per week 1 rain per week DRY

To enter Burkina Faso, it is an obligation to have an international vaccination card, which will be inspected on arrival at the airport. You have to be vaccinated against yellow fever (anti-amarile vaccination) at least 10 days before departure . This vaccination is made at recognized centers.

Some advice :
It is preferable to make provisions for a small medical kit, even though you will find all what you need in OUAGADOUGOU. Make provisions for the treatment against malaria (the Nivaquine and Paludrine association is very effective, but to be more secure, consult your hospitals), get some aspirin, antidiarrhoea drugs(Intétrix and Imodium), eventually antiseptic eye lotion and a first aid kit to treat minor wounds.

Take boots for walk party, hat and mosquitos protections.



Before the departure certain books could permit you to better know Burkina Faso:

  • Le Burkina Faso aujourd'hui, par Jean Claude Klotchkoff (Guide de voyage. Les éditions du Jaguar)
  • Les civilisations noires, par Jacques Maquet (Ethnologie. Edition Marabout université)
  • Burkina-Faso , un espoir en Afrique, par Basile Guissou (Sociologie. Edition L'Harmattan)


  • The currency of Burkina Faso, Bénin and Mali is the Franc CFA (1 Euro = 655,957 Francs cfa or 1 US $ = 400 to 500 F cfa about ).
  • The currency of Ghana is the Cedi ( you can payed with US $ ).
  • In Burkina Faso, Bénin and Mali, French is the official language. In Ghana, English is the official language. The GMT or TU is used. In relation to the time in Europe , + 1 hour in winter, and + 2 hours in spring.
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