If you wish, we could organize a tour for you, based on your desire and season. We can propose a guided tour.

We can put at your disposal adapted all-weather vehicles with driver, camping material and cooking utensils...

We have the experience and the means to
welcome important groups (one hundred persons), offer tent lodging and top quality feeding (refrigerated 6x6 trucks equipped with bush bivouacs).

Our tourist tours are only proposals . We can better incorporate your plans based on practical local constraints.
We can propose a tour of the Bandiagara Cliffs in the Dogon region, or let you discover the Niger deltas in pinasse (local motor boats) permitting you come across millions of birds, stroll on bicycles, quads, horses and camels in the sahel...

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know you, fill the following questionnaires bellow, we will give you quick responses.

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