DAY 1 : arrival, welcome, diner and night at the Grand Calao.

DAY 2 : departure for Mali, via OUAHIGOUYA (one of the historical capitals of the Mossi’s country). Then you will ride through the Dogon's plain and discover the most wonderful palaver huts (togunas). Arrive at the cliff of Bandiagara, near BANANI, we will give you the first demonstration of the power of our four-wheel drive cars with the climb of the hard road to SANGHA.

DAYS 3, 4 and 5: discover of dogon's villages and walk on the cliff. Diner and night in the encampment of SANGHA.

DAY 6 : departure to DJENNE. Visit of the town where you will discover its famous mosque (said as the highest building of the world made in banco) and its crafts centers. Departure for MOPTI with a stop for the lunch in the encampment of Djenne . Diner in the restaurant called Bozo, on the port. Night at the Ambedjele*** hotel.

DAYS 7, 8 and 9 : departure for TIMBUKTU. You will leave the cars for a pinasse (local motor-powered boat). You will spend three days on the river, meeting Bozo (fishermen), Peulh (nomads) and enjoying the discovering of thousand birds that have taken shelter in the delta of the Niger. Three days for arriving to KORIOME (the harbour of Timbuktu) where your guide will wait for you. During these days, you will spend your nights in bivouacs on the bank of the river. Diner in a restaurant, night in the Bouctou or Colombe hotel.

DAY 10 : during this day, you will discover TIMBUKCTU, the mysterious town. Its koranic's universities and its mosques remind you how much the spiritual fervidness was important in the past. In the afternoon, departure for GOURMA RARHOUS. Diner and night in bivouac.

DAY 11 : after the pebbles of the Dogon's country, the water of Niger river, now you are in plaine of Gourma. By some paths known only by us, you will join the north of Burkina to make boarder's formalities near DJIBO. Night in bivouac.

DAY 12 : stopover in ARIBINDA to take a look after rock prints. Then you will reach GANDEFABOU, nice tuareg's encampment. Night in bivouac.

DAY 13 : you will join GOROM GOROM. Visit of this very nice city of Sahel where you can visit its famous tuesday's market. Diner and night at DORI, at Sahel or Oasis hotel.

DAY 14 : visit of craft gold mining where, men coming from many places go down and come up from holes 50 meters deep, under the burning sun and in dust. Road to Ouagadougou, stopover at BANI to discover the 7 mud-made mosques of Sudanese architecture. Arrival and spending night in the Grand Calao.

DAY 15 : town trip of OUAGADOUGOU : its bronze makers, its craftsmen’s center. Lunch in town and transfer at the airport at the end of the afternoon.

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