Somba's country and Safari

You will cross eastern area of Burkina to go discovering Benin: the Atakora and its Tata Sombas, the Dahomey's Kingdom and the Vaudou's country... It is a land marked by history and "magic".


By going up Togo, you will be able to appreciate the varied reliefs and the successions of landscapes. You will discover various Togolese ethnic who have a very interessant history. Tourisme au Benin

Tourisme au Benin

Come back to Burkina, to meet the Mossi, the ethnie majority who are keep tradition life!

To finish your stay, you will discover Laongo, a wonderful museum in the nature.



Price list from 1 165 € per person


TOUR : 15 days, hotel, comfort 2-3*


BE CAREFUL : this tour is avalaible during all the year


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