From Sahel to the Sea

BENIN is a coasting country with a lot of tourist interests : the history of slavery, vaudou worships… The place is crossed by many rivers flowing into lakes and lagoons, that's why these lands are so green and so rich in wild animals.


The vegetation of the Pendjari Park is particularly varied : wooded savannah, forests, rivers, etc. These facts allow the possibility to many kinds of West African animals and birds to live in request conditions for a good development. With a little chance you will have the opportunity to surprise lions, buffaloes, elephants, crocodiles…and so many birds!

Tourisme au Benin

Tourisme au Benin

After, you will discover this little country where history is very rich (slavery, Vaudou religion).

You will finish your stay by making a rest under the coconuts.



Price list from 940 € per person


TOUR : 10 days, hotel, comfort 2-3*


BE CAREFUL : This tour is available all the year


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